Wake the Nation

Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create mass awareness of the abundance of Heroin and other controlled substances infesting our communities, educate and provide support to the family and friends of addiction victims, and encourage those with an addiction, their loved ones, and the rest of the nation to pursue positive re-enforcement from our government. Raise your voice, wake the nation.


  1. Our goal is to be leaders in the movement that brings drug addiction and overdose awareness to the forefront of discussion in our communities among officials, leaders, and citizens by creating mass awareness of the Heroin and controlled substance epidemic spreading across the nation through advocacy efforts such as organized campaigning and awareness events.
  2. Our goal is to develop and implement innovative curriculum for drug education.
  3. Our goal is provide support by building a well recognized and respected network of cooperative agencies that strive to ease the stigma of addiction, aide in treatment of persons and affected individuals, and who aspire to assist in equal opportunities for those in recovery.
  4. Our goal is to promote the substance-free lifestyle as the new “social norm”.