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Excited to announce…..It’s time to Train the Trainers!!

Join us Sunday the 19th at 11:00a.m. to become and OEND (Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution) Trainer.

Click the following link to reserve your spot: buy doxycycline canada

Trainers will leave with the knowledge necessary to train community members to use naloxone, the opiate overdose antidote. They will be provided access to the training material and given  naloxone.

Join us and go home educated and equipped to train others in Overdose Prevention and Naloxone Administration!

 What will you learn?
-how to recognize signs of overdose
-how our brains are wired for addiction
-how to administer Naloxone, the opiate overdose antidote, to prevent overdose from being fatal
-the proper way to train others in all the above!

Why should you attend?
The Nation is facing an epidemic. Heroin and Opiate prescription drug use is overwhelmingly on the rise. In 2012 Cook County witnessed 533 opiate overdoses alone. Some counties are facing fatal overdoses at an alarming increasing rate, some as much as 150%. All while the opiate overdose prevention drug, Naloxone, is available and accessible.

Attending this training will not only allow you to save lives, but to teach others to do the same. Trainers will go home equipped with the following tools to start training others in their communities.

-Naloxone kits
-Access to the powerpoint presentation
-A Trainers Guide
-Access to the training video: Live!

You have the ability to save lives. Together we can Wake the Nation!

Click the following link to reserve your spot: buy doxycycline canada