Donate to Support People with Substance Use Disorders

People with substance use disorders deserve an advocate. Our nonprofit movement fills that role in both word and deed, but we can’t do it alone. Rather, we rely on the generous support of our sponsors to keep doing our work.

Donations to Wake the Nation fund our naloxone training and our Holiday Memorial Tree. The former program equips people to prevent overdose deaths, and the latter provides an outlet to both grieve those lost to an overdose and raise awareness of the drug use epidemic.

We often receive donations in memory of loved ones lost to an overdose. These are sobering reminders of the drug use epidemic that continues to plague our society. However, they also inspire us to keep fighting so that those we lost will not have died in vain.

If you would like to donate to our movement, please fill out the form below. We thank you in advance for supporting our mission!

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